Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads management services will help you increase your website traffic and grow your revenue. Rank at the top of the Google will gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, get you more leads and sales. Our Google Ads management service will take care all aspects of your google ads, from setting up the campaign, ad copywriting, bid management and so on, we will do whatever to achieve the best results for your business.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your google ads management service package will locate a dedicated account managers, so he/she get to know your business better and regularly review performance with you.

Bespoke Strategy

All of our Google Ads Management strategies are bespoke to ensure the Google marketing cater for your unique need, either increase your brand awareness or maximize your revenue.

Google Certified Marketers

All of our Google Ads Management service managers are fully qualified on Google Ad management, so you can be confident with our Google Ads service.

Full Optimisation

We don't limit the time we spend on your ad account, instead we spend as much time as needed to insure maximum your ad results.

Transparent Pricing

We quote you and charge you the fixed monthly price based on the work needed to meet your objectives before hand. No percentages of ad spend or complicated pricing structures that fluctuate every month.

Conversion Tracking

We configure analytics and conversions to ensure that you know exactly what ROI you get from your Google Ads campaigns.

Daily Reporting

We provide you dashboard that report campaigns daily performance , allow you easy access and understand the growth of your Google Ads campaign in real-time.

Weekly Meetings & Calls

Your google ads management service account manager will hold regular meeting with you to discuss progress and future strategy, and provide you the details report of ad performance.

Monthly Rolling Contract

We don’t tie you in to long term contracts, instead wee provide simple, monthly rolling agreements. So we work hard to ensure that you’re happy with our google ads management service, you never want to cancel.

How We Do Google Ads Management

Step 1 — Google Ads Strategy and Account Setup

Before google ads management service start, we will have initial meeting with you, to understand your unique need, to understand your business strategy, so we will build successful Google Ads campaigns for you. We take the necessary time to build solid structured of campaigns containing highly targeted ad groups that focus on the different pages/product groups on your website, to target the high conversion rate .

Step 2 — Google Ads Management

We will use a large list of campaign optimisation tools to improve your google ads performance scores then to maximise your ROI. We also look for opportunity to find new high-quality keywords to add into lists, and use negative keywords tool as well. We’ll adjust bid optimisation, to utilize your marketing budget and increase your sales and achieve your business’ goals.

Step 3 —Landing Page Analysis and development

Landing page user experience is also an important part of google ads management, it counts the score toward google ads quality as well. So we are not only focus on google ads set-up, our web design team will utilize all the available tools to increase your landing page performants as well and optimised for better conversion.

Our Google Ads Management Service Prices

Google Ad Setup

  • One Ad £100
  • Up to Three Ad £150
  • Up to Five Ad £200
  • Up to three Ad £250

Google Ad Management

  • One Ad up to 50 Keyword £150/month
  • Three Ad up to 50 Keyword £200/month
  • Five Ad up to 50 Keyword £250/month
  • Ten Ad up to 50 Keyword £350/month
  • One Ad up to 100 Keyword £200/month
  • Three Ad up to 100 Keyword £250/month
  • Five Ad up to 100 Keyword £300/month
  • Ten Ad up to 100 Keyword £400/month