Web Design FAQ

If you have any web design related questions, please check our Web design FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here, you will find the answers for most of your questions. However in case if you still have the other web design enquiries, please contact us

Web Design

1Where your company based?
We based in Ilford, east London Borough of Redbridge.
2Which areas does your service covers?
Our company located in Ilford of Redbridge Borough. Our service covers Ilford, Redbridge, London, Essex and all the other area across UK.
3I want to talk with you face to face regarding to my web design project. Could you arrange?
Certainly we could. We can either book meeting with your via online virtual meeting, or we can book meeting with you in our office. Please contact us for details.
4I am a new business starter, does Web Design Service 1: Basic Self Service enough for me ?
Web Design Service 1:Basic Self Service Package is pre-built website. It has multiple pages, it is good enough to display your company or shop’s services and the other information. However, in later stage, if you do find , you need the other website functions, you always have the option to choose the other service packages on top of that.
5What is domain name?
A domain name is the identity of your website. So your customers know where to visit your website. Just like your personal name, so your friends could know who you are.
6What is web hosting?
Web hosting is where you store your website files that make your website accessible on the internet.
7Do I need to need to purchase the domain , web hosting?
Yes, you do need to purchase the domain , web hosting separately.
8Does the price of package there include everything?
The Web Design Service Packages, whatever includes we have listed in the website there
9I already had my old website , can I use the same domain name if I use your service to build up new website?
Of course you can, you can use your own domain name.
10I am placing the order for Web Design Self Service Package now, if later stage I need the other service, will be still be able to add it on
Yes, of course you can. Any the other service packages could be added on if you need in later stage
11The assistance service package there, 'Dummy contents and picture replacement', do I necessary to replace them?
The dummy contents of template there, you do need to replace . You only replace the pictures if you needed and you are happy to do so.
12Can I add more pages to my website myself?
Yes. More pages can be added easily with our website builder
13I am not very good at computer, could I possible to replace the dummy contents of my website template?
Every website we build, come with ‘back-end’ CMS (Content Management System), so when your website has been built, you can log in to easily update and modify the page content.
14I am busy and I am not confident at computing, will you be able to help me ?
Absolutely we can. You will only need to add the Package of Assistance Service , so our technician expert will do the rest for you
15What happen if I am not happy with my purchase?
Customer's happiness is our top priority. Purchase from our company , customers have 14 days of cool-time period for the Web Design Service 1 &2 . After you place the order, if you are not happy with it, we could issue refund for you without questions . However, the other service packages we could issue refund within cool-time period only when our web developers haven’t carried out the project yet. Once we start the project, we won't be able to issue the refund.
16Does the web design and web development service packages include any after sale support?
After we have completed the projects, you will have 14 days to review it. If you have any enquiries within that period, please do not hesitate to contact us.
17The Web Development Service Packages , except the customised applications you mention in website there, can you do the other customised applications?
Surely we can. The applications listed in pages there are most common functions used in website . However , if you do need the other customized functions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
18How long will the project take to complete?
The Web Design Service 1 (Basic Self Service) normally take about 1 to 3 working days. And the other bespoke website design service the time takes to complete the project will depend on. We will discuss and agree with you before we start on your project.